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Bible oath, CD, IOU, John Hancock, MO, OK, accept, acceptance, acceptance bill, account for, accredit, acknowledge, acknowledgment, acquittance, admit, affidavit, affirm, affirmance, affirmation, agency, agentship, agree provisionally, allege, allow, amen, and candle, approbation, approval, approve, argue, assent grudgingly, assert, assert under oath, asseverate, assign, assignment, assurance, assure, attest, attestation, authenticate, authentication, authority, authorization, authorize, autograph, aver, avouch, avow, back, back up, bank acceptance, bank check, basis, be sponsor for, bear out, bear witness, bench warrant, bill, bill of draft, bill of exchange, bill of health, blank check, bolster, bond, book, brevet, building permit, buttress, call, callable securities, canceled check, capias, care, carte blanche, cats and dogs, cause, caveat, certificate, certificate of deposit, certificate of proficiency, certification, certified check, certify, charge, charter, check, checkbook, cheque, circumstantiate, claim, clear, clearance, commercial paper, commission, commissioning, commit, commitment, concede, confess, confirm, confirmation, consign, consignment, contend, copyright, corporation securities, corroborate, cosign, countenance, countersecure, countersign, countersignature, credential, cry sour grapes, cure, death warrant, debenture, declare, defend, delegate, delegated authority, delegation, demand bill, demand draft, depone, depose, deposition, deputation, depute, deputize, destigmatize, detach, detail, devolute, devolution, devolve, devolve upon, devolvement, diploma, discharge, disclose, dispensation, do justice to, document, draft, due bill, earnest, embassy, empower, empowerment, enable, enabling, endorse, endorsement, enfranchise, enfranchisement, ensure, entitle, entitlement, entrust, entrusting, entrustment, errand, exchequer bill, exculpate, executorship, exequatur, explain, express general agreement, express the belief, extrajudicial oath, factorship, favor, fiat, fieri facias, fishing license, foreign securities, fortify, foundation, franchise, freedom, full power, futures contract, give evidence, give in charge, give official sanction, give permission, give power, give the go-ahead, give the imprimatur, give thumbs up, go along with, go-ahead, good reason, government securities, grant, green light, ground, grounds, guarantee, guaranty, habere facias possessionem, hunting license, immunity, imprimatur, indemnity, indulgence, initial, injunction, insurance, insure, interdict, ironclad oath, judicial oath, junior securities, jurisdiction, justify, kiss the book, legalize, legation, legitimize, letter of credit, liberty, license, lieutenancy, listed securities, loyalty oath, make a promise, mandamus, mandate, mandatory injunction, marketable securities, material basis, mission, mittimus, money order, municipal securities, navicert, need, negotiable instrument, negotiable securities, nihil obstat, nisi prius, nod, noncallable securities, not oppose, notarization, notarize, notarized statement, note, note of hand, notice, notification, oath, oath of allegiance, oath of office, office, official oath, okay, outstanding securities, over-the-counter securities, own, paper, pass, pass on, pass upon, patent, pawn, permission, permit, pledge, plenipotentiary power, plight, portfolio, post, postal order, power of attorney, power to act, precept, privilege, probate, process, procuration, profess, prohibitory injunction, promise, promissory note, prove, proxy, purge, purview, quittance, ratification, ratify, rationalize, reason, receipt, receipt in full, recognize, regency, regentship, rehabilitate, reinforce, reinstate, release, require, responsibility, restore, right, rubber stamp, sanction, say amen to, seal, search warrant, second, secure, securities, security, send out, senior securities, sheepskin, short-term note, sight bill, sight draft, sigil, sign, sign and seal, sign for, signature, signet, solemn declaration, solemn oath, special favor, sponsor, stamp, stamp of approval, stand behind, stand up for, state, stipulate, stocks and bonds, strengthen, subject to call, subpoena, subscribe to, subscription, substance, substantiate, summons, support, surety, sustain, swear, swear and affirm, swear by bell, swear to, swear to God, swear to goodness, sworn statement, task, test oath, testamur, testify, testimonial, the nod, ticket, tie, time bill, time draft, token, trade acceptance, transfer, treasury bill, treasury bond, treasury certificate, treasury note, troth, trust, trusteeship, undergird, undersign, underwrite, undigested securities, unregistered securities, uphold, validate, validation, verify, vicarious authority, vindicate, visa, vise, vouch, voucher, vow, warrant of arrest, warrant of attorney, warranty, witness, word, writ, yield

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • warrant — [ varɑ̃ ] n. m. • 1836; « mandat d amener » 1671; mot angl., a. fr. warant, forme dial. de garant ♦ Dr. comm. Billet à ordre souscrit par un commerçant et dont le paiement est garanti par un gage portant sur des marchandises (déposées dans un… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Warrant — War rant, n. [OE. warant, OF. warant a warrant, a defender, protector, F. garant, originally a p. pr. pf German origin, fr. OHG. wer[=e]n to grant, warrant, G. gew[ a]hren; akin to OFries. wera. Cf. {Guarantee}.] [1913 Webster] 1. That which… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Warrant — War rant, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Warranted}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Warranting}.] [OE. waranten, OF. warantir, garantir, guarantir, garentir, garandir, F. garantir to warrant, fr. OF. warant, garant, guarant, a warrant, a protector, a defender, F. garant …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • warrant — /ˈwarrant, ingl. ˈwHrənt/ [vc. ingl., della stessa radice dell it. guarentigia] s. m. inv. nota di pegno, garanzia …   Sinonimi e Contrari. Terza edizione

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